Stroud Family Pic - Seward, AK

We’re an American nomadic, sometimes expat, family originally from Atlanta, GA currently living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I’m a stay-at-home mother to six kids, ages 12-3. My family and I are Christian. I love homebirth and homeschool.

My husband and I have come to prioritize living in places that are unique to our native experiences growing up. We want a worldschooling education for our children. Our family started down a worldschooling path shortly after we began homeschooling in 2010 with our first international move to the United Arab Emirates. We moved from the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, USA to Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE. So far we have traveled back to our Georgia “home base” every summer, but we also like to try to go on a unique travel experience at least once a year outside of where we currently live. We began to purposefully take a more unschooling approach to our worldschooling path in 2012, during our time in the UAE. We lived in Al Ain for three years before moving to the remote, bush plane, Cup’ik Native Alaskan village of Chevak, Alaska, USA. After two years in Chevak we moved on to our next adventure. This time in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia!

Here’s a picture of our family from Georgia, Abu Dhabi, and Alaska.